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Continuously acclaimed as one of America’s Top Sleight of Hand Artist and David’s many national television appearances have left audiences and talk show hosts asking the question he hears the most, “How is this possible?” He continuously draws record crowds.  His corporate list of clients reads like a Who’s who of Fortune 500 companies.

David Magee has produced a one-hour stage show packed with intrigue, great deal of crowd participation. Years in production, Magee encompasses the most unusual demonstrations in the field of perception, body language and physiology you will ever witness from the very beginning of the show, Magee explains that he does not have ESP, is not a psychic, does not use hypnosis or read minds, nor does he believe in the before mentioned. However, Magee does possess the unique and skilled ability to pick up on subtleties that most people simply overlook. During Magee’s presentation, he uses between 20-25 participants from the audience and as the Times stated in their recent review of his show ‘Master of the Mind’, ‘Magee is not only incredible at his trade but has a warm personality that is never condescending to his subjects.’

Whether it is a group of two hundred or two thousand, Magee will deliver an absolutely mind blowing, hysterical and engaging show that will be remembered for years to come.